Ezra Care Volunteer Event Dec 2019

Motzai Shabbos Ezra Care held a gala Melava Malka to thank its volunteers. Ezra Care, which helps over 3000 families annually, is privileged to have over 250 volunteers who give up their day and nights to help people in need.

Over 200 volunteers packed the Stenecourt hall which was beautifully adorned in the chess theme to highlight how each volunteer’s individual efforts helps collectively to support a patient overcome illness and hardship.
The evening was opened by 2 users of Ezra Care services who movingly recounted how much Ezra Care and the volunteers have helped them and their families through their illness. They both related how the volunteer’s incredible commitment and efforts not just help the actual patient but also the wider family and how much Ezra Care services had such a positive impact on their recovery.

Rabbi Yossi Chazan was the guest speaker and kept the audience spellbound, in his world renowned humorous and engaging manner, with stories of Chesed and inspiration encouraging volunteers to take pride in their efforts and also thanking the spouses and families of volunteers who allow them to give up so much time.
The Rov of Ezra Care, Reb Yaacov Wreschner gave his Divrei Brocha to volunteers, recounting how he has seen first-hand how Ezra Care services make such a difference to Chloim and their families and how fortunate Manchester is to have such a group of dedicated people working together for the Kehilla.

The Melava Malka was exquisitely catered by R’ Dovid Aryeh Weiss of Dovid’s Deli, he himself being a devoted volunteer alongside members of his family. Musical entertainment was beautifully provided by Buchi Gluck and his Sameach choir accompanied by Nesanel Bamberger.
Volunteers were left motivated and inspired with renewed vigour and enthusiasm to carry on their vital and appreciated work.