The Christie Hospital Shabbos Room Reopened.

The Christie Hospital Shabbos room has now reopened. From Oak Rd Entrance it is situated behind the Christie’s charity shop. Please pick up the key from security. Please let us know if you are in hosptial for Shabbos so that we can arrange to service and support you as required.

New Shabbos Room in Wythenshawe Hospital

We are delighted to announce our new Shabbos room at Wythenshawe Hospital, University Hospital of South Manchester, Southmoor Road, Wythenshawe, Manchester, M23 9LT
The room is situated: Opposite Chapel.
To enhance the service further, please try to inform the office if you will be using the Shabbos room.

The Rose’s Annual Cake Sale August 2017 Raised £1051.50p

The Rose’s Annual Cake Sale לע’נ פעסה בת ר’ אליעזר

In loving memory of dear Mum & Grandma Pop Pop

Family Rose raised £1051.50p for Ezra Care to purchase an electric riser recliner and a wheelchair.

Ezra Care are extremely grateful for this kind donation of equipment that will benefit the patients we service.

Female Volunteer Event July 2017

An inspiring and beautiful evening took place for Ezra Care female volunteers.
The event took place at 3 New Hall Avenue.
The Speaker Rabbi Kaye was phenomenal, he spoke for 30 mins about the zechut of doing chessed, he connected it to the Chorben Habayis and the Parshah of the week.

We then had a panel with Ezra Care Service Coordinators and volunteers Mrs D Haffner, Mrs U Reich, Miss S Newton, Mrs C Erlanger and Miss C Lock.

It was an extremely active panel with active response and stories from the audience.

Light refreshment and coffee was served

We had over 60 attendees and received very positive feedback from all.

New Shabbos Room at Fairfield General Hospital Bury

We are delighted to announce our new Shabbos room at Fairfield General Hospital, Bury.
The room is situated: Main entrance, follow sign to Chaplaincy then to bowel cancer screening and from there signs to Shabbos room.
To enhance the service further, please try to inform the office if you will be using the Shabbos room.

Ezra Care Event May 2017

Ezra Care is the new name for Ezra Umarpeh in Manchester.

To commemorate their move to new spacious premises on Limefield Road, they held a fundraising evening in Bais Yaakov Hall.

The gourmet buffet had four food stations, with a tantalising selection of over 20 dishes, plus a desert station offering a selection of ice creams, fresh fruit, a hot chocolate fountain and warm waffles. Catering was expertly provided by Mr Yoel Wreschner. There was also a fabulous wine tasting table by Kosher Savers. Close to 1000 men attended, thoroughly enjoying the food and relaxed atmosphere.

The event was graced by many Rabbonim & Kehilla leaders as well as former MP Ivan Lewis who was impressed by the scope and array of services provided. The main aspects of the evening were the showcasing of Ezra Care’s varied and vital services for the sick and disabled. The 3 ambulance vehicles were parked at the venue, – one had to leave in the middle for a call!

There was a Shabbos room mock up, with large displays listing the weeks that were available for dedication, in its five hospital rooms around Manchester. The newest Shabbos room is in Wythenshaw hospital, it’s at the final stages of refurbishment at a cost to Ezra Care of £15,000.

Then there was a display of the disability equipment with dedication opportunities that Ezra Care loans to patients. These included electrically adjustable hospital beds, advanced oxygen concentrators, suction aspirators and a huge selection of wheelchairs and other support equipment. Ezra Care manages 385 volunteers in its nine services, including a hospital transport service and carer services.

The Trustees and committee of Ezra Care were pleased by the support and appreciation shown by the Manchester Kehilla for the important services provided by Ezra Care.

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