This weeks sponsor at Salford Royal Hospital

לע''נ האשה רוזא בת הר' פינחס ע''ה

This weeks sponsor at Central Manchester Hospitals

לע''נ רחל בת פריידא מלכה

This weeks sponsor at North Manchester General Hospital

זכות יעקב בן מינדל להצלחה בכל ענינים

This weeks sponsor at Christie Hospital

לע''נ סאשה סרקה בת ר' מאיר יהודה כהן

This weeks sponsor at Fairfield General Hospital

לרפואת משה בן מרים ברכה

This weeks sponsor at Wythenshaw Hospital

לע''נ ר' ישעיה בן ר' משה זצוק''ל

Ezra Care assists people every hour, every day of the year.

We provide a range of targeted services for patients and there families.

Our Services Include:

About Us:

Medical Equipment

A comprehensive range of medical equipment for Short Term Loan.


Hospital Respite Rooms

Hot and cold kosher food and drinks, reading material and Judaica.


Community Transport

Accessible transportation can make all the difference.


Holistic Support

Meeting the emotional needs of our service users.


Get involved: We’re changing lives. And we need your help.

Become a volunteer today.

Our Promise and Values

Ezra Care aims to ease the effects of illness and disability by providing a range of targeted support services for patients and their families with a particular emphasis on enhancing the hospital experience and reducing in-patient stays. We know just how challenging illness is and we want to make a difference.


Our Valued Sponsors

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Golden Valley
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